Prosthetic waxes

>> Modelling and plate waxes

Plate waxes

Gebdi is known as the brand for wax base plates. In a long-lasting tradition we offer wax base plates in many variations which we adapt constantly to the changes in the market and to the wishes of our clients. Do you prefer a hard, soft or elastic wax? We feature different qualities from soft to very hard. The waxes are available in thicknesses of 1,25 and 1,5 mm and in the boxes of 500 g, 1 kg and 2,5 kg. To meet the requirements of the market we divide the different qualities furthermore in summer (harder), medium and winter (softer). One essential decision criterion for wax sheets is the point of solidification, lying between 54 and 80°C. We set a high value on the quality of our waxes and use therefore only the best raw materials. By this means we garantee a steady quality to our customers. Our wax sheets are used in laboratories of dental technicians particularly for total and partial prosthesis. The different gingiva colors contribute as well to the fact that we can provide a solution for almost every work in the area of prosthesis.

Bite waxes <<

Bite waxes

The wide range of bite and bite registration waxes encloses not only articles like mounting wax, metal foil wax or bite registration wax, but also a huge number of different bite rims and bite waxes. The bite waxes convince by excellent working properties, remain viscous when warmed and stay reliable in form and shape when cooled off. The bite waxes are available in up to five different colors and hardnesses. Any bite registration means a foreign object inside the patient's mouth. Scientific studies underline the importance of a relaxed situation for the patient to enable natural and true checkbites. To meet these requirements, gebdi added fresh and fruity natural flavours such as lemon, orange, apple, strawberry and vanilla to the bite waxes. The bite waxes are available with or without flavour and in bars or preformed.

>> Tribos waxes

Tribos waxes

With the new system brand Tribos 501 gebdi presented several waxes which provide a great support for the setting up of the teeth. Tribos Modelling Wax M-gingiva or H-gingiva serves as a base plate. The medium hard wax sheet convinces by its natural appearance with opaque gingiva pigmentation and by the slightly elastic quality. For setting up the very soft smooth Tribos Tunnelwax is placed on the ridge and fixed with wax. The tunnel shape of the Tribos 501 secondary morphology abrasive fits exactly to the Tribos Tunnelwax. The tooth is set up using very little time and then fixed by Tribos Modelling Wax gingiva opaque (wax block). In the end the gingiva is modelled with the very hard block wax.

Special waxes <<

Special waxes

Boxing wax: for individual impression trays without former. Periphery wax: serves the functional edge limitation in the model production. Sticky wax, milling - and universal wax, Kobi - wax bars.